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Rivendell lodge
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Kangtega and Tamserku range
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Inside rhododendron forest
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Cloud crescent of Taboche
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Lhotze, Everest and Ama Dablam
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Tengboche monastery
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Wild orchids in himalayan jungles
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Himalayan gorakh
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Heaven mateceremony

Namaste Dear Friends!

The warmest of greetings to you from Tenzing, Secretary of Ringpoche Tengboche, and his spouse Ang Jangmu, the owner of Rivendell lodge and restaurant.

Let us introduce to you the Rivendell Lodge, so named in honour of the hidden elvish (Quendi) Valley of Rivendell of the world of Middle-earth and Arda from "The Lord of the Rings" - the Inspirational Book of the visioner J.R.R. Tolkien.

Similar to the hidden elvish Valley of Rivendell, our small valley, where the Rivendell Lodge is situated, also lies hidden by two mountain massifs separated by a rapid and clear white-foamy river.

The place, where our lodge is located, is called Deboche. It is a small settlement consisting of several hotels and a Buddhist nunnery. It is situated at the altitude of 3820m. The eastern side of Deboche is bordered by the slopes and foothills of Kangtega (6783m), and the opposite side by unnamed slopes (4500-500m) extending northwards to Taboche Peak (6495m). The river separating these two Himalayan massifs is called Imja Khola. It flows out of the Imja Lake, situated at 5010 m at the foot of Imja Tse (6189m) (Mera Peak).

The Rivendell Lodge is surrounded by forests of rhododendrons and birch-trees. Taking only a few steps, you may find yourself in a fairy-tale world of the Himalayan forests. At such altitude, there are no serpents, gnats or mosquitoes nothing annoying or dangerous can be found here. If you walk still further on, then no tourists can be found either and you will see musk deer and Impeyan pheasants danphe, and revel in the primeval nature and sereneness of these places. And if you descend to the banks of Imja Khola, you may encounter wild goats, which allow to approach them as close as 5-7 metres.

Deboche is within 15-20 minutes walk from Tengboche Monastery, the principal spiritual centre of the whole region, which is situated a little higher at the altitude of 3860m. Staying at our Rivendell Lodge will enable you easily visit this monastery, which is very famous in the Buddhist world.

From Namche Bazaar - the capital of the Sherpa people, which is situated at the altitude of 3450m the settlement of Deboche is within 6-8 hours' walking distance. It is via our lodge that the classical trekking route lies to Kala Patthar (5550m), from where opens a view of the summit of Chomolungma (8850m) (Everest). Also, it is at our lodge that mountaineers stop when heading both to the very summit of Chomolungma and downwards to have a rest and celebrate their Happy Return from the Celestial Heights.

And here you can look on the photomap our wondeful place.

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