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Himalayan Photo Albums by Dmitry Koval Simeiz-Himalayas and Rivendell lodge - Deboche, Solukhumbu, Nepal

Himalayan Foto Albums or

Echo of Rendezvouses with Beautiful and Improbable

Dear Friend,

here you can see Spiritual Wallpapers and several Foto Albums made in outskirts of valley of Khumbu, where is situated Rivendell lodge, and also made in land of sacred Lakes of Gokyo, whose landscapes are very mystic...

All the fotos were made with Admiration, Love and Gratuity to This Beautiful Animate Land... to This Being-World gives Life to us.


"... Don Juan again tenderly stroked the earth.

"It is an excellent being, alive to its very last detail, understanding any feeling,

it has soothed me, healed me from pain,

but ultimately when I understood my love for it, it taught me Freedom."

C. Castaneda "Tales of Power"


Rivendell lodge spiritual wallpapers

It is easier to know your Atma than to pluck a flower

for in the latter case you have to put forth your hand

while in the former you have only to look within

check yourself constantly

are you practising Dharma or playing drama?

we are always on a spiritual path, but we don't realize it

therefore we encounter many so-called obstacles

to see where you are born before

look at what are you now

to see where are going to be born next

look at what you do now


The First Album

The Kangtega - Lying Sphinx

nepal2008kangtega001sm nepal2008kangtega002sm nepal2008mount049sm nepal2009kangtega007sm nepal2009kangtega008sm
nepal2009kangtega009sm nepal2009kangtega010sm nepal2009kangtega011sm nepal2009kangtega012sm nepal2009kangtega022sm



The Second Album

The Summits of Heavens

himalaya-2010-4sm 2010-amadablam34sm 2010-cloudy-merap1sm 2010-cloudy-pumo-rsm 2010-amadablam15sm
nepal2008mount0018sm nepal2008mount026sm nepal2008mount040sm nepal2009mount002sm nepal2009mount023sm
nepal2009mount060sm nepal2009mount078sm nepal2009mount071sm nepal2009mount074sm nepal2008mount029sm



The Third Album

The Lakes of The Skies

nepal2008lake006sm nepal2008lake007sm nepal2008lake009sm nepal2008lake012sm nepal2008lake021sm
nepal2008lake027sm nepal2008lake030sm nepal2008lake044sm nepal2008lake046sm nepal2008lake048sm
nepal2008lake050sm nepal2008lake054sm nepal2009waters001sm nepal2009waters004sm nepal2008lake001sm


The Fourth Album

Himalayan Charming Yaks

nepal2009kangtega005sm nepal2009animal009sm 2010-near-lobu-1sm nepal2009animal003sm
nepal2008animal011sm nepal2009animal008sm nepal2009animal032sm nepal2008animal006sm nepal2008animal004sm

The Fifth Album

Portraits of Himalayan Flowers

2010-flowers-10sm 2010-flowers-15sm 2010-flowers-22sm nepal2009flower003sm nepal2009flower004sm
2010-rododen-11sm 2010-rododen13sm 2010-rododen47sm 2010-rododen22sm 2010-rododen49sm
2010-rododen-55sm 2010-rododen16sm 2010-rododen45sm 2010-rododen-7sm 2010-rododen28sm
2010-rododen50sm 2010-rododen53sm 2010-rododen57sm kangtegavallesm 2010-rododendr2sm
2010-rododen-9sm 2010-flowers-5sm 2010-flowers-7sm nepal2009flower011sm rododendrons-3sm